Solidity Tutorial

What is solidity in a blockchain? Solidity is a contract-oriented,   high level programming language.Solidity designed to target Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). What is Smart Contracts in blockchain? A smart contract is computer protocol business logic.

History of Blockchain

 Although blockchain may be a new technology, it already boasts an upscale and interesting history. the subsequent may be a brief timeline of a number of the foremost important and notable events within the development of blockchain. 2008  Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym for an individual or group, publishes “Bitcoin: A Peer to see Electronic Cash System." 2009  the primary successful Bitcoin (BTC) transaction occurs between scientist Hal Finney and therefore the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. 2010  Florida-based programmer Laszlo Hanycez completes the primary ever purchase using Bitcoin — two Papa John’s pizzas. Hanycez transferred 10,000 BTC’s, worth about $60 at the time. Today it's worth $80 million.  The market cap of Bitcoin officially exceeds $1 million. 2011  1 BTC = $1USD, giving the cryptocurrency parity with the US dollar.  Electronic Frontier Foundation, Wikileaks and other organizations start accepting Bitcoin as donations. 2012  Blockchain and cryptocurrency are ment

Blockchain in Government and the Public Sector : Why Governments Need Blockchain

 Most government and public sectors leverage blockchain technology to move away from siloed and inefficient centralized system.Blockchain networks offer unbreakable security, agile and cost-effective infrastructure as compare to inherently insecure and high-cost systems. Although , Blockchain technologies are fascinating improvement and anti-corruption communities because of their power to prevent corruption and guard public registries against fraud. Every country in the world,governmental administrative systems based on classical centralized,hierarchical system.We're live in the digital high-speed world and classical systems is outdated.Few organizations are updating traditional system to highly effective and secured blockchain system.First-generation online e-Goverment systems are easily hacked and prone to fraudsters because of highly-centralized databases and insecure data sharing. “Thanks to blockchain-based digital identities, people are getting back control over their own da